Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Having Fun with the Daily Mail

Following today's hatchet job from the Mail, I just couldn't resist.


"I am enjoying the coverage of the Liberal Democrats you have this morning but probably not the reasons you would hope for.

"I've been a Liberal Democrat from about 1990 and have been pressing for changing the system for years because although Britain is in many ways a great country, we could be greater still. Successive Conservative and Labour governments have failed, yes, failed, to bring this about. And all your paper seeks to do is keep the status-quo.

"I'm sorry if it makes you and some of your readership uncomfortable, but clearly a growing number of your fellow citizens feel that enough is enough. The old parties have had more than a fair chance to fix things and the results are all around us.

It is time for new leadership, new ideas. It is time for the Liberal Democrats."


Anonymous said...

Hi martin
Aint a Lib Dem,but fair play to you having fun with the Daily Mail,I sometimes use this site to post on various message boards

It generates random Right Wing nonsense such as.....'this post will probably be deleted. . I heard this week that criminal gangs are making it illegal to be patriotic. Wake up people! chop their hand's off, see how they like it. Next we'll have pedofiles teaching our kids to swim'.

What_happened_to_my_country wales

Martin Veart said...

Thank you for the link, you person of mystery you! Looks like a fun blog indeed but one mustn't mock (well okay, a bit then. ;)