Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day, 2016.

On this day, Holocaust Memorial Day, let us remember those targeted for genocide.

The Jews were selected for extermination just because they are who they are.  Likewise the Gypsies and many disabled.

Let us not forget those who opposed and those who would not confirm to the Nazi ideals.  Homosexuals. Pacifists.  Communists. Freemasons. Resistance fighters from occupied lands and those who protected Jews.

Don't forget the slaves, shipped from Eastern Europe, from Holland, France and many other nations.  I am sure I have missed out many.

The evils that the Nazis promoted and carried out lives on, based upon those aspects of human nature that can be nurtured and turned to evil.  Hatred, indifference and ignorance to name but three.

That is why it is a duty of us all to actively promote the goodness in others.  It is not enough just to abstain from evil in oneself.

Genocide has not gone away.

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