Monday, 15 February 2016

On Ugandan Affairs*

The story of Crispin Lamont, 40 of Perth, who is being held under the charge of rape in India, is a  different twist on an experience not unknown in the oilfield.

According to the Daily Record, Lamont is being charged after his former girlfriend of five months alleges that she only agreed to having sex after he promised to marry her.  In India this is statutory rape as sex occurred until false pretences.  The Record also suggests that it is a form of female control as women are expected to be virgins until wedlock.
Full story here

The two similar incidents related below occurred in Nigeria, where both men decided to engage in long term relationships with local women rather than indulge in the random pleasures of "late night shopping".

The first came to light when the gentleman concerned complained to his operations manager that he had missed his flight after being held by Nigerian police at the airport.  He further complained that he had been forced to hand over a substantial sum of money in order to effect his departure.
Outraged, the operations manager contacted his counterpart in Nigeria and ordered an investigation be mounted.
The investigation succeeded in uncovering several additional facts.  The man was indeed held by police in the manner stated and had to pay before he was allowed to leave.  The reason for this treatment though was a complaint by the man's former girlfriend.  She was under the impression that they would be married.  When it became clear that they were not to be, she complained to the police that she had been cheated and that the man is attempting to skip the country without settling the bill for services rendered.  Apparently the police were unmoved by his declarations that they had been in love but the relationship had died naturally.

 At least the woman had acted with some discretion, for the incident would not have come to light if it had not been for the man's stupidity.  Not so in the next case: the lady was out for revenge.  After been disabused of the idea of matrimony by her longterm Italian boyfriend, she turns up to a large social gathering, where the guest of honour is one of the company's vice presidents.  Accompanied by two policemen and in front of workers and wives, she very loudly presents the bill for her favours.  She had obviously kept a diary for she was able to date and itemise each act, giving also the price incurred.

Beyond what is in the press, I have no further details on the case of Mr Lamont and his former partner.  His case is infinitely more serious, as the charge of rape brings far more than embarrassment and a financial hit.  Suffice to say, one should be aware of the potential cultural  pitfalls before engaging in affairs d'amour.

*"Discussing Uganda" In 1973, the satirical magazine Private Eye reported that journalist Mary Kenny had been disturbed in the arms of a former cabinet minister of President Obote of Uganda during a party. Variations of "Ugandan discussions" or "discussing Uganda" - the term is believed to have been coined by the poet James Fenton - were subsequently used by the Eye to describe any illicit encounter, and the phrase soon became part of common usage.

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